About Us

'After starting coaching back in 2007 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire I now have my own private gym here in Huddersfield, Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. Yorkshire Kettlebell Club was created for those that simply do not feel comfortable in a large public or corporate gym. Either they don't like the crowds and having to wait to use equipment or they feel self conscious and because of that don't feel confident really pushing themselves whilst they're training, or trying new things. Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is more of a community than a regular gym. There's no attitude or pressure, no judgement and everyone supports each other. There's no expectation and everyone is welcome regardless of their fitness level, experience or ability. Put simply we work hard and we get results.'

Yorkshire Kettlebell Club isn't your regular gym and unsurprisingly our personal training sessions, group sessions, classes and bootcamps are a bit different as well. Many personal trainers will offer long training programs and complicated, restrictive diets and eating plans. Although that certainly may work for some, the people that train with us here often don't have the time or the commitment to make such grand life changing adjustments all in one go. For many they're simply looking to lose a bit of weight, to get fitter, to improve their quality of life not just right now but for the future as well. Those who train here usually have quite responsible and demanding jobs and careers, as well as family commitments. For that reason many train exclusively with us and appreciate the structure of the training programs and classes that we offer, we're realistic and when planning sessions and training programs we also take into account outside, work and family pressures.


But of course the proof is in the results of those that train here. We don't do before and after photos, there's no public weigh ins, those that train with us often have very visible results both in terms of weight and body shape but that is personal to them, they don't feel the need to share and nor are they expected to. Results can equally be measured in terms of how they perform when training and how they feel in their regular day to day life. How you sleep, how energised you feel during the day, how you interact with people and how productive you are are all indicators of a healthy life - in fact I now have several clients who don't weigh themselves at all! Everyone has their own personal goals and their own reasons for training and wanting to get fitter, we just make sure they achieve them. Read more about personal training here...


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