About Me

I've been a coach and personal trainer for nearly 15 years now, originally qualifying back in 2006. 

I first specialised in kettlebell training for fitness and strength before moving into kettlebell sport, or girevoy sport as it's known. Nowadays most of my training has a strength bias although it comes in many forms including high intensity strength training in our bootcamps and group sessions, along with sports specific training, boxing, strongman and powerlifting. However, although our training style tends to include a lot of strength work my current client base is 80% female and our average age is mid 30's. As my gym is private it gives people the opportunity to try different styles of training without feeling nervous or self conscious because other people are watching.

My own fitness and training history is varied to say the least! I trained for many years in traditional gyms before deciding I needed to be tested further and so embarked on my kettlebell sport career. I went on to compete internationally and was coached by some of the best in the sport including Absolute World Champion Ivan Denisov, Gregor Sobocan of the EGSA and Irish Record Holder Eddie Sheehan. I also qualified as an IKFF Instructor with Steve Cotter, World Kettlebell Club Coach with Ivan and trained in Kettlebells for Strength with Mike Mahler.

In 2012 I opened the first Yorkshire Kettlebell Club gym in Rotherham South Yorkshire, and also formed the first Yorkshire Kettlebell Team. We went on to compete throughout the UK and Europe and at one point were the biggest competitive team in the country! 

At the same time I also started distance running, mainly half and full marathon. I've since completed many marathons around the world including Limassol Cyprus twice and the Sahara Desert Marathon as part of a humanitarian trip to the Sahawari Refugee Camp.

More recently I've moved back into strength sports, mainly strongman, and have competed in several novice and under 90/95kg competitions. I'm currently training for a return to the strongman arena, this time in the masters.