About Me

My name is Liam O'Brien and I'm (affectionately I hope) known as The Angry Vegan! I've been a PT for more than 15 years now. first qualifying back in 2006 with the European Institute of Fitness.

Since then I've continued to train and develop and have completed several courses and gained further qualifications including:

  • Extreme Kettlebell Instructor

  • IKFF Instructor (International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) coached by Steve Cotter.

  • Aggressive Strength with Mike Mahler.

  • WKC Instructor (World Kettlebell Club) coached by Ivan Denisov.

  • British Weightlifting Coach.

Unsurprisingly fitness and training has played a big part in my life over the last few years starting like many people with general strength training and amateur bodybuilding in my 20's. I then moved onto distance running and triathlon starting with 10k and half marathon before moving onto full marathon and I've completed several marathons both domestic and international. Favourites include:

  • The Limassol Cyprus Marathon 

  • The Mallorca Marathon

  • The Sahara Desert Marathon (held in the Algerian Sahara near Tindouf)

Although I'd been training with kettlebells since early 2007 I took up Girevoy Sport or Kettlebell Sport properly in 2012 and also formed Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. As a team we competed throughout the UK and Europe and were incredibly successful, I myself went on to be coached by several world class Girevoy Sport coaches including Ivan Denisov, Gregor Sobocan  and Eddie Sheehan. Although the team is no more, the gym retains the Yorkshire Kettlebell Club name.

liam obrien 2021.jpg

After kettlebells I moved to dedicated strength training and Strongman, again competing around the UK, mainly in under 90kg, novice and under 105kg categories. Nowadays my own training is very much strength focussed and I follow a very traditional, old school style of training program. I am now coached by Dave Crosland. 

Will I compete again? I don't know for sure, most mornings my body says no but there's always the possibility that one of the Masters Strongman events may tempt me back. Never say never!