Classes and Group Sessions

As well as personal training and bootcamps we also offer classes or group training sessions at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. Our timetable is constantly evolving but as we're a private gym all of our sessions are small group personal training sessions rather than large, anonymous classes. 

Our sessions can be tough but as with everything, your results are a direct reflection of the effort you put in! You don't need experience or any level of fitness to join our sessions however you do need positivity and a commitment to give it 100% no matter how tough it gets! 



Saved By The Bell is our twice weekly HIST (High Intensity Strength Training) Boxing / Strongman session.


Monday @ 7pm

Wednesday @ 7.30pm

Originally this was a solely boxing focused HIIT session run as a circuit, but as time has gone on it has grown to include more and more Strongman and pure strength stations. Nowadays the session is likely to have between 10 and 12 stations with 4 dedicated to boxing and boxing combinations, 4 strength/strongman stations and 2/4 core or core strength stations. 

Aside from the boxing using our 4 full size, professional punchbags, your strength or strongman exercises could include:

Strongman Yoke

Farmers Walk

Axle Press/Deadlift

Monster Slam Balls

Strongman Log

Chain Press


Alongside regular strength/Crossfit style exercises:



Battle Ropes


Powerbags etc.

This is a tough session, you will work to your absolute limit, but again as we run the circuit to time rather than reps everyone can train together regardless of experience or ability. 

You do not need any prior experience or level of fitness to join this or any of our group sessions or bootcamps! 

This session is held in our personal training studio and to comply with social distancing regulations, must be booked in advance. All equipment is cleaned and disinfected before, during and after the session. Hand sanitiser, disinfectant and blue roll is available around the studio.

Boxing gloves are supplied however if you have your own we would suggest bringing them with you at the moment, a weightlifting belt and gloves may also be useful if you have them although again they are available at the gym. To book your place please click the button below.



Flattening The Curve is the latest incarnation of Yorkshire Bootcamps. We run 4 bootcamps at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club and use our full size sports hall to ensure all post lockdown regulations are complied with. 

Currently we have bootcamps:

Monday and Thursday @ 6.30am

Monday and Thursday @ 7.30am

Tuesday and Friday @ 9.30am

Tuesday and Thursday @ 6.30pm

Our bootcamps are again run in a circuit format but this time with a HIST (High Intensity Strength Training) focus. Usually between 15 and 20 stations, our bootcamps are run over 6 weeks with 2 sessions a week getting progressively harder as the weeks progress. We've moved away from the running around playing games style of bootcamp and instead introduced much of the equipment from our main gym. Bootcamp stations may include:



Slam Balls

Battle Ropes



Plyo Boxes

As well as the usual core strength and cardio stations. 

Our bootcamps also now include your choice of healthy eating cookbook (usually £9.95 each) as well as a personalised diet plan (usually £49.95) all completely free of charge!

Not only that but as a post lockdown bonus you will also receive one of our sort after bootcamp t shirts, again free of charge!

Our bootcamps have been running in Yorkshire now for nearly 6 years and we have just celebrated our 1st birthday in Huddersfield. With the madness of lockdown we expect the return of our bootcamps to be extremely popular and although we have a huge space in the sports hall, places will still be strictly limited.


To make sure you get a place please click the button below to be taken to our bootcamp site.



Flattening The Curve - Extreme! is the Saturday version of our regular bootcamp. Held in our personal training studio rather than the sports hall, our Saturday session sees the introduction of much of our strength training and Crossfit equipment. 

Saturday @ 10.30am

Again run as a circuit, although this time smaller, our Saturday session is tough, however no prior experience or fitness level is required. As its a smaller group and we are in the studio rather than the sports hall we have more time to focus on exercise technique and coaching so again whether its your 1st or 101st session, we'll all be training together. 

To comply with post lockdown restrictions this sessions participant numbers must be strictly limited. Booking is essential! To book your place on our Flattening The Curve Extreme session please click on the button below.



We are constantly looking at new sessions and introducing new equipment to Yorkshire Kettlebell Club however there are unfortunately only so many days in a week!


Current session ideas include:

Dedicated Powerlifting and/or Strongman 

Kettlebell Training


HIIT Boxing



Yorkshire Kettlebell Club, our sports hall and function rooms are always available for private hire. Whether its private training for adults or childrens sports teams or you just want to hire the space then please contact us and we'll see what we can do. 

Changing rooms, showers and parking are available.


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