Classes and Group Sessions

In addition to Personal Training I offer group sessions and classes, as well as our long running High Intensity Strength Training circuit session Yorkshire Bootcamps. 

Of course in these uncertain times our main focus has to be on how we run these sessions safely and to comply with all government and council recommendations. Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is 100% Covid Secure and we are regularly inspected by Kirklees Council. We have never run the traditional prancing and dancing kind of classes with dozens of people crammed into a small room following an instructor at the front that you may find in regular or commercial gyms, our sessions are group personal training and participant numbers are therefore heavily restricted. 

In our main gym we restrict numbers to a maximum of 10 people at any time. As well as ensuring that social distancing is always maintained, I can then properly coach each participant individually and make sure that no one gets left behind. Our sessions are open to everyone regardless of fitness level or experience and we pride ourselves on the feeling of inclusiveness that this promotes. Everyone had to start somewhere and you will never feel out of your depth at one of our group sessions. At Yorkshire Kettlebell Club we all help each other, it's not the place for egos, judgement or attitude.

All sessions are pre planned and participants follow a program or schedule, however during the session each person still trains individually at their particular station. There is no sharing of equipment. Everyone cleans down their station between exercises and there are enough cleaning sets with anti viral spray and wipes, hand sanitiser, paper towels and latex and non latex gloves, that each person can have their own for the duration of any group personal training session. Additionally the whole gym is cleaned down and disinfected between sessions, something which is simply not possible in the larger gyms. 

If the council decides that it is safe to open our changing rooms then they will also be cleaned down several times throughout the day and I have a cleaner on site whenever we are open. 

Yorkshire Bootcamps

Yorkshire Bootcamps

Until the government gives the go ahead for the reintroduction of indoor sports and exercise classes, Yorkshire Bootcamps will be run as group personal training sessions and will therefore have numbers heavily reduced! The sports hall that we use for our bootcamp sessions is 577 sq m, it has a ceiling height of 16 m with 3 large sets of external double doors which we open during the sessions. With participants limited to a maximum of 15 that means that each person has more than 38 sq m to themselves! This is far in excess of the recommended 2 metre social distancing requirement as set out by the government. 

Yorkshire Bootcamps sessions are run as High Intensity Strength Training Circuits and we run 6 Yorkshire Bootcamps group personal training sessions each week: 

Monday and Thursday 6.30am and 6.30pm

Tuesday and Friday 9.30am

For more details on Yorkshire Bootcamps please visit

Current Group Sessions

We run a wide selection of group sessions at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club including Kettlebell Training for both Strength and Sport, Strength Circuits, Boxing and Strongman. 

Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is also home to our Angry Vegan Lifting Club, for our current timetable please click below.

For more information please feel free to contact me on 07873 603615 or email

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