Classes and Group Sessions - Yorkshire Bootcamps and Angry Vegan Lifting Club

Although Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is primarily for personal training, we do still hold regular small group sessions in the gym.


Pre lockdown we used to hold large Yorkshire Bootcamps circuit training sessions in our sports hall, however after 3 lockdowns and with the ongoing uncertainty we have decided to stop all large group sessions and instead hold smaller Yorkshire Bootcamps sessions in our gym.

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The Angry Vegan Lifting Club

Yorkshire Bootcamps are now held on:

Monday and Friday at 9.30am and Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm.

Yorkshire Bootcamps is still set out the same as the larger sessions were with a mixture of strength and cardio exercise laid out in stations and run in an interval training format. Being held in the gym instead of the sports hall though means we have access to even more equipment and that we can ensure that everything is thoroughly cleaned each time its used. 

Yorkshire Bootcamps is a very mixed ability session, you need no prior experience or fitness level to attend and all exercises have easier or more difficult options available. Of course being in the gym instead of the sports hall means that numbers have to be reduced and sessions do tend to get booked up very quickly, if you'd like to join our Yorkshire Bootcamps sessions then please contact me at to check whether there are spaces available. If there are spaces available then you are more than welcome to join us free of charge for a first session.


We also hold dedicated strength training or strongman sessions under the Angry Vegan Lifting Club banner. 


Angry Vegan sessions are held on:

Monday and Wednesday at 6.30pm and Saturday at 10.30am.

Our Angry Vegan strength sessions can be tough! If you've not trained before then you may find some of the exercises too much, however we have equal numbers of men and women on these sessions. The sessions are again laid out in a circuit format although this time the exercises will be a mixture of traditional strongman exercises or events, and powerlifting or old school strength techniques. 

As with our bootcamps if you'd like to give one of our Angry Vegan sessions a go then please email me at