Personal Training

As Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is a private gym, whenever you book a personal training session here you will always have the full, exclusive use of the studio. Many people don't like the idea of training in big, public gyms and the thought of hundreds of strangers watching them as they train is for many terrifying enough that it stops them training at all! That's not an issue at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. It's a private gym, it has changing rooms and showers as well as its own CCTV covered, floodlit car park. When you train with us here your only concern should be your training, not what anyone else is doing! 

With nearly 15 years of coaching experience behind him, Liam's training style now is very different to how it may have been when he was just starting out. Nowadays training programs are tailored to the specific needs, goals and abilities of the client. For example, not everyone wants to be weighed and measured as soon as they step through the door, some do though and they like to have scheduled check ins to track their progress. Others prefer to take their own weight/measurements at home and that is of course equally fine.


As regards diet some like the reassurance of structured diets and eating plans, others prefer to track their own nutrients and macros and we now offer a selection of options from simple healthy eating cookbooks in vegan, vegetarian, high protein, low carb and paleo variations to step by step personalised diet plans that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well as recipes, macro breakdown and even a shopping  list! 

Training at Yorkshire Kettlebell club does tend to have a strength focus and often we work with a High Intensity Strength Training format for our regular fitness or group sessions. We of course also offer specific training styles including kettlebell training, circuit training, powerlifting, strongman and boxing. 

The most important thing though when thinking of training with us is to come with an open mind! You will be introduced to equipment and training styles that you may not have come across with other trainers or in other gyms. Training may include:


Powerbags and Slam Balls

TRX Suspension Trainers



Circuit Training


Battle Ropes and other Crossfit Style Training

If you're thinking of booking personal training with Liam at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club but unsure whether its for you, then why not book a trial training session completely free of charge? This gives you a chance to come down to the gym and have  a look around, to meet Liam and ask any questions you may have and to try a couple of training styles. All completely free of charge and without obligation! To book your FREE personal training session please click here...​


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