Personal Training

Personal training with me here at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is very different to training in public or corporate gyms! Firstly Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is a private gym, whenever you book a personal training session with me here you will have the entire gym to yourself. For many people booking a personal trainer for the first time, the thought of being in a large public gym surrounded by people watching can be very off-putting and most people are quite nervous when they are starting a training program, particularly if they have never trained before. Knowing that there will be no one else in the gym can make those first few sessions considerably easier.

I've been a coach now for more than 15 years and have worked in both public and corporate gyms as well as my own gym and studio. What I've found over the years is that the results my clients achieve are often better when they train in a private facility and are not feeling self conscious about making mistakes or being watched by other gym goers. Clients tend to be more comfortable trying new techniques or pushing themselves that little bit harder when they have the security of being the only ones in the gym.

Although the majority of my clients nowadays are aged between 30 and 55 and I have slightly more female than male, they all have their own specific reasons for wanting to train with me along with their own personal goals. Most of my clients have work or family commitments that have derailed their previous attempts at losing weight and getting fitter although a good few have never trained consistently at all. Equally I have some clients who have been training for years but aren't getting the results they expected or feel they deserve along with others who are training for specific events or to improve their performance at other sports. No two clients are the same and therefore there's no off the shelf program, everyone's training style and plan evolves as they develop.

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Diet and Nutrition

All training plans need to be backed up with a good diet. Although it is possible to get results without paying too much attention to your diet, its hard work and your results will be severely restricted. Again as most of my clients have work or family commitments its just not feasible to have too strict a diet and instead we put together an individual plan that fits with their particular lifestyle, others prefer a more regimented meal by meal approach and for those I have a range of different diet plans available dependent on their calorie/nutrition requirement.

Booking Your First Session

Your first training session and consultation with me at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is always completely free of charge with no commitment. This first session gives me a chance to go over your goals and expectations and to see how you move including any injuries or other obstacles. It also gives you a chance to meet me, to see the gym and to ask any questions you may have. The relationship between trainer and client is important and you both need to feel comfortable if you are to get optimum results. I take bookings from 8am Monday to Friday and often work into the evening so I will always try my best to find a session time convenient for all.

To book your first free session please email me at

I look forward to meeting you!