Tom Hall - January 2021

Thanks for this morning, really appreciate how welcoming you always are, even when I drop in and out every 6 months.

Lockdown 3.0 online at 6:30am really isn’t that bad with your help. Top bloke!​

Lauren Cockram - October 2020


I would recommend Liam’s bootcamps 100% I’ve been training with him for about a year, and he is very encouraging, supportive and motivating. During lockdown it was an extremely tough time, not being able to do our usual bootcamp sessions, this resulted in weight gain and low mood.


I can’t tell you how much of a boost it is to join his sessions, not only for fitness but for mental health also, as everyone is so supportive and encouraging and every safety policy is maintained with everything cleaned and disinfected after every use! I’ve always felt safe. Thanks Liam!​



Phil Tanner - October 2020

I’ve been training with Liam for a year now, mostly as part of a group session.

I can’t quite believe how much progress I’ve made on that time - it’s incredible!

Liam has the perfect training programs & the best coaching I’ve encountered - I wouldn’t train anywhere else, or with anyone else.

I have a very sedentary job & been working from home since March - it’s so important for my mental & physical health to be able to go and train with Liam in such a safe, hygienic environment.

Training with him has enabled me to become so much more confident in myself, in my ability to exercise and develop and to find ways to keep my mental health as strong as my physical health. I can’t recommend him highly enough, everyone should have a Liam to go!


Lucie Armitage - October 2020

I’ve been training with Liam for some time, initially I went to improve my fitness along with improving my confidence in a gym setting.

Straight away Liam reassured me that the gym was safe and secure, his friendly yet professional approach soon put me at ease which meant I could focus on working out.

Since starting with Liam not only has my fitness and strength improved but I have seen a huge improvement in the control of my Type 1 diabetes. Having this condition makes losing weight and working out difficult at times but Liam is very understanding and has frequently adapted sessions to accommodate. There have also been improvements in my mobility, moods, confidence and self belief.

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with the help of Liam, training in an environment that I feel I can be myself in and by doing the type of exercise I enjoy.

Carole Culpan - October 2020

Being booked on the bootcamp sessions has been good for me as it has helped me to address my work/life/balance. I feel much better mentally and physically having scheduled bootcamp sessions in place.


Sam Goodchild - October 2020

Moving from one end of the country mid pandemic was never going to be ideal especially for a runner who found herself without a run club and anyone to train with. Liam and the Yorkshire Kettlebell Club came recommended when I asked about on the local Facebook page. I started with personal training sessions which were in the gym and I was the only one training.


It helped my self confidence immensely so when Liam suggested the bootcamp sessions I went along to try them. Everyone is really supportive of each other, the standard of measures in place for Covid are fantastic and we all adhere to them. My running has improved and I no longer feel so isolated. Great place to train!


Collette Harley - October 2020

In 20 years I never really thought about my fitness, but after the shocking year that was 2020 and the events of lockdown, I found I had gained so much weight and was struggling mentally. I knew something had to change.

After numerous conversations with Liam I decided Yorkshire kettlebell club could be the place to start my new chapter. After my first group session I was amazed by how well set up it all was, every guideline covered, one way systems in place, every piece of equipment cleaned in between every person using it.

Now 13 weeks on I am in a much better place mentally and physically and with a weight loss of 2 stone so far Yorkshire kettlebell club really has helped turn my life round! Keep up the amazing work Liam your doing a fantastic job for so many of us!


Sorelle Miller - October 2020

I signed up to Bootcamp after struggling with my mental health during lockdown. The gym sessions have helped me immensely, the crippling anxiety I had is now at a manageable level. I am in a safe space at the gym, we effectively socially distance & each piece of equipment is wiped & cleaned after each use.


My type 2 diabetes is so much more under control after the gym workouts & bootcamp sessions, my practice nurse is impressed with the results! I feel more confident in myself together with my self esteem improving. I would highly recommend Yorkshire Kettlebell Club to anyone looking to improve their life, whether it be be physically or mentally!


Zoe Porter - October 2020

Where to start, what a great coach! I was in a very dark place after losing my 19 year old son back in March. I couldn’t see a way out until I joined Yorkshire boot camps, now I have a focus I now see a light at the end of the tunnel. I get pushed just at the right time to help me carry on, Liam you're a star!


Francesca Malatesta - September 2020

Bootcamps with Liam are held in a clean airy space,

He's always there with a smile on his face!

As you move round the circuit - don't forget it's one way,

With buckets close by filled with wipes & spray, we have to remember to keep Covid at bay!

Sessions get harder as we near week six,

But still we return for an exercise fix.

Some call us crazy and to some we're hardcore,

Multiple sessions available who could ask for more?


Emma Louise Best - August 2020

I started training with Liam 4 weeks ago doing the group session bootcamps when gyms were first able to open. I’d not met Liam prior to my first session but he immediately put me at ease and explained how everything ran.


He explains all exercises and checks you are performing the moves correctly while ensuring social distancing is met and is so encouraging it gives you the confidence to push yourself, everyone who attends is so nice and supportive with absolutely no judgement about ability and everyone cleans every station after use so no concerns there. The best part after just 4 weeks I can see a huge difference in my shape already and in fact put a pair of trousers on this weekend I couldn’t fasten just a few weeks ago to find they are now loose!


I’m so glad I took that first step and joined the bootcamps and can’t recommend the sessions or Liam enough. I can’t imagine training anywhere else now!

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